Testing Facilties
Equipped with two arc/spark Optical Emission Spectrometers capable of high precision application, the step towards a flaw less product in chemistry.

Chemical analysis of metal by the traditional wet method has several inherent draw backs, in involves a waiting period which can extent up to several days, it requires individual testing for each element, it also has got considerable scope for human or mechanical error. The quick, clean and sophisticated solution to error free is optical emission spectrometry.

The new generation method giving you exhaustive, precise results all in jiffy. The fully computerised and automated process ensures that the possibility of error is negligible.

Quick and exhaustive analysis
Analysis of ferrous, non-ferrous (Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc and Tin based Metals and its Alloys).
Complete analytical statistical processing for optimum accuracy.
Results flashed to you immediately over fax,e-mail
Batch-wise inspection reports maintained for traceability
Mechanical Testing
1.Universal Testing Machine (TUE 600C) is for ascertaining the strength and deformation of all kinds of materials, such as steel and other materials in the form of rods, sheets, wires, tubes, chains, and so on. Plastics and wood can also be tested it enables reliably to test the quality of the materials and also the weld joints.

2. Tensometer (A Kudale Enterprises): for sub size specimens tensile testing, with additional accessories having many other tests like cupping tests, bending, spring rating, rubber tensile testing, wire testing etc.
Impact test: CHARPY/ IZOD METHOD (up to 50 deg C)
Universal pendulum impact testing machine FIT /300/008 EN serves for calculating Charpy and Izod impact test according to IS: 1757-1988, IS: 1499-1977, IS: 1598-1977 and BS: 131 part II & III and Impact test enables to determine the behaviour of metal under impact loading conditions giving the proof of susceptibility of brittle fracture and enables to supervise the heat treatment process. The proof of brittle fracture permits conclusions on cold / hot brittleness, ageing and other prejudices of material.
Metallography (Micro/Macro Structure/ Image Analysis.)
Equipped with imported metallurgical /industrial microscope ideally suited to the needs of manufacturing and research and development in the field of metallurgy.

This high-resolution microscope binocular with computer interface and is equipped with high resolution CCD camera with friendly user Clemex software for not only structure analysis but also for image analysis.
Analysis of Lube Oils & Fuel Oils
Flash point, Kinematic Viscosity, Calorific value ,Pour Point can be analysed in Lube and Fuel oil.
Potable & Effluent Water
Potable Water with 26 chemical parameters and effluent water both treated and untreated can be tested through ICP.
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has recommended our laboratory for empanelment in testing water and effluent water.
Corrosion testing
Salt spray testing equipment is installed for checking corrosion resistance property of coating / plated m aterials.
RoHS Test
RoHS testing as per directive 2011 / 65 / EU & test method IEC 62321 for Four Parameters i.e. Lead, Mercury, Cadmium , & Hexavalent Chromium.
Millipore Test
Having facility to check the contamination ( cleanliness ) in Metallic parts & Liquids.
Particle Count
Equipped with "PAMAS" Particle count Analyser to do particle count in Oils by NAS Class 1638 & ISO 4406.
Material Identification
Having facility for Material Identification of Plastics & Rubber materials.